An Architectural Marvel

Our design proposal for the Art Guild House is a state-of-the-art office space planned over six floors and two basement parking levels, in the center of the emerging economic hub, Phoenix Marketcity Kurla, Mumbai. The challenge was to create an iconic structure on a very linear site within civil aviation height restrictions. The prominent curved façade on the west with surrounding open spaces doubles up with an entrance canopy on “Y” columns and establishes a strong connection with the existing mall buildings in terms of architectural language, yet maintaining its own identity. The 200 meter long footprint is an interesting array of spaces linked by atriums with skylights, and integrated with green building concepts. The offices at the lower ground floor level have landscaped light well courts, a unique feature. The interiors with Italian marble flooring and fixed furniture, beautiful art Installations, finishing materials and illumination bring a sophistication which is yet to be seen in the business world.”

- Sinora Penkar, Architect.

Art Guild House is a LEED certified green building, a zero water discharge site, with energy efficient lighting fixtures and uses building materials with a high recycled content. Thoughtfully designed light wells reduce the necessity of electric lighting in the lower ground areas, thus reducing the usage of electricity. These light wells also add the extra feeling of space and openness to these areas.

In company of the most premium retail, entertainment and food brands, Art Guild House offers the many privileges that come with it – a unique proposition in the commercial retail sector. Situated in city’s largest mixed use development spanning across 4.1 million sq. ft. – Phoenix Marketcity, the Art Guild House is at par excellence in terms of future growth.